Submission Guidelines | 投稿指引

High-quality full papers which at the time of submission, are not under review and have not already been published or accepted for publication elsewhere are solicited. The first page should include the paper’s title, the abstract, a list of keywords indicating the paper’s topic area(s), the authors’ full names, affiliations, and e-mail addresses.

All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings. Authors are required to submit fully formatted papers (PDF), with graphs, images, and other special areas arranged as intended for the final publication. Papers should be written in English conforming to the IEEE standard conference format (8.5″ x 11″ – US letter, Two-Column). The final manuscript for publication will be limited to 6 IEEE pages. Your paper must be printable in order to be accepted.

At least one of the authors of each accepted paper has to register at the regular rate (non-student). Each registration will cover one accepted paper. ASE-Network 2018 Organizing Committee reserves the right not to include in any paper into the proceedings that are not presented at the conference.


所有接受的论文将在会议记录中发表。要求作者提交全格式的论文(PDF),其中包含图形,图像和其他特定区域,这些区域应安排在最终出版物中使用。论文应以符合IEEE标准会议格式(8.5英寸x 11英寸–美国字母,两栏)的英语书写。最终的出版手稿限于6个IEEE页面。您的纸张必须可打印才能被接受。

每篇被接受论文的至少一位作者必须按正常收费(非学生)注册。每次注册将涵盖一篇被接受的论文。 ASE-Network 2018组委会保留不将任何文件纳入会议未介绍的议事程序的权利。